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Gnuplot 5

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Gnuplot, a free and open-source program, is the preeminent graphics system for scientists, engineers, and analysts. It integrates seamlessly with LaTeX to produce beautiful and professional technical documents. Gnuplot also makes interactive graphs on the web and visualizes live data streams; it can be used standalone or plugged into any programming language.

Gnuplot 5 is a practical guide to gnuplot, including all the new and powerful features in the newly-released version 5. The beautifully formatted e-book is an interactive visual reference: find a picture resembling the graph you want to make, and see the gnuplot commands that create it, with instructions on how to customize the plot for your needs. Be finished in minutes, without wading through hundreds of pages of documentation looking for an obscure setting.

The author of gnuplot 5 is building on the experience and feedback gained from his previous book, the popular gnuplot Cookbook, to create a new type of interactive reference. The Cookbook covered gnuplot up to version 4.6; gnuplot 5 will cover all of gnuplot, including every powerful new feature in the most recent release.

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Gnuplot 5 will be entirely DRM-free. You will have the right to make as many backup copies as you wish, and read the book on as many devices as you desire. If you lose all your backups, you can download it again, for no charge. You may do whatever you like with the book, short of distributing copies of it (but lending your copy to a friend is cool).

We will make several versions of the book, with typography and layout hand-crafted for different screen shapes and resolutions. Your single purchase or pre-order price entitles you to download all of these versions. Each version is interactive, responding to your touch or mouse click to take you from the plot you want to create to the gnuplot commands to get you there.

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